Saturday, December 19, 2009

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The City So Nice, They Named It Twice

Surprise, surprise! This have been going over and over on my mind for the last two days and finally, I've successfully digest the fact that I am, ladies and gentlemen, going to New York City tomorrow. Yes, The City.
I know this post is hardly unimportant nor instructive, but I just want to share this happy news.

There's absolutely nothing I would desire more in this lifetime than coming to NYC. I have been working my sweats off for college preparation in one of the colleges there, and for coming to the city itself for this holiday is just beyond. I literally feel like a kid whose lollipop got fractured and all of a sudden a stranger came and gave hi, a big fat check to purchase 10 candy stores. I truly feel blessed.

Sorry for all the baloney, I am just pure thrilled for tomorrow. Oh, I can already feel how the streets would make me feel brand new and the big lights would inspire me, there truly is no place in this world that can compare this excitement about coming to New York. The busy streets, yellow cabs, tall buildings, the museums, the people, are some of the things out of many to mention about what I've been perkily obsessing to encounter once I arrive over these past few days. Ahh, I can't wait! Will try to post pictures of the scene and what's going on if possible. 
Happy holidays everyone! 

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Blogger Off-Duty

Shout out to my dear friend, Tanya Febrianti Winanto for mentioning my newborn blog on her post, I can't thank you enough. A social butterfly with a petite figure embraced in a downtown hipster meets London off-duty look is how you notice her in the crowd. Her strong and quirky sense in blogging aspire me to stop neglecting my blog and start nurturing it like my own child, and if you ever have a bind about wardrobe situation or predicament about music collection, trust me, Tanya is your guy. All my love, Illa K. 
Say hello to her at dream sequence.

Pure Talent

Nowadays, the fashion industry is over piling with celebrities abruptly starting a fashion line and all of a sudden entitled themselves as fashion designers. It is certainly not a sin, but I honestly can't imagine what savage things I could do to those people who only put their "name" on the retail business and suppose people would buy their stuff because they recognize the name. For me this is majorly concerning, and sad. Because where is the art of it? Years and years have passed for legit designers to aim their way to the top with decades of hard work and inevitable sacrifice, and all of a sudden a herd of celebs come rapidly into the industry and sell clothes that reflect no talent.

However, there are some celebrity designers whose works are intensely inventive and visionary. They too have brought something rather different but still divine to the industry and I believe this is just pure natural aptitude they have maneuvered for a while now. Here are some of them:

The Row by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

 Chloë Sevigny for Opening Ceremony by Chloë Sevigny

 Winter Kate by Nicole Richie 


Twenty8Twelve by Sienna and Savannah Miller


Friday, December 11, 2009

Electric Twist

There's always this sudden twist I get once I spotted/experienced one of these things:

a) Different and raw photographs, preferably taken via polaroids.
b) Those gorgeous brand new pair of shoes that sat right in front of your very eyes, but there's just one problem that gets in your way from possessing them. Yes, budget.
c) Couples cuddling.
d) People who dress in a bizarre and quirky way, but yet they can still look very ferocious in those get ups. That for me, is plain style. And I applaud them.
e) Sunglasses. The weirder the frame design, the better.
f) People smoking. I somehow find them highly divine and impeccable. They're like these walking works of art.
h) Tattoos that represent a certain, meaningful message.
i) Babies and toddlers clutching stuffed-animals everywhere they go.
j) Piggy back rides.

There's absolutely nothing that can compare those funny-twisty feelings you get while you're doing something that may seem unimportant to certain people, like how much you love going to the gas stations just to get a sniff of gasoline scent, or getting your daily dose of caffeine at starbucks not because you need the boost of energy to work overnight but because you like how the collar wraps nicely around your mitts when you're holding it.

Simple things like this, whether we realise it or not, are the things that could make our day a whole lot better than what you watch on cable, a 1 hour therapy with a shrink, a friend's company, and such. So, enjoy the little things while we can and while it lasts.

P.S. Happy birthday papa! I love you I love you I love you! xx

Monday, December 7, 2009

Muse of The Moment

Each week, I would like to share one person whose style/personality/work/attitude allures me. These people who I later on will feature differently each week will sure you find different in every aspects, including backgrounds, looks, occupations, and such. But that is one thing that intrigues me, being different. Why bother trying to match others in order to fit in when being different is much more amusing?

And the very first muse that holds the honor of being featured in this post goes to, Edita Vilkeviciute.




A Lithuanian model, known for her remarkably long legs and a body to die for, and being known in the industry as one of the sexy girls. Has been appeared in numerous editorial shoots and campaigns, a winning personality, plenty of friends, are only some things out of many being said about her strengths. Future seems to appear more than promising for this soon to turn 21 year-old.  

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Winter's Covet

With Christmas only a couple weeks away, there's absolutely nothing criminal for me to ask for something I've been longing for quite some time, no? Well, these are examples of some that melt my heart just from the first moment I laid my eyes on.

Shoes are always on top of my holiday/christmas/birthday wish-list. This season, I found myself still drooling over these bad boys from past season's collections.

Balenciaga harness boots    


Chloe susan boots


Christian Louboutin cut-out boots

 or the thigh-high ones..

and last but not least, Jack Sparrow boots!

Yes, a pirate boot, I could just see the image of myself cruising malls in them with a turtleneck Zara long-sleeved dress, or maybe an AA cropped tee and my essential black skinny pants would also be appropriate.  I couldn't care less about the amount of stare I would be getting, because we all should dress however we want and put on whatever feels good on us right?
What's on your holiday wish-list?