Sunday, December 6, 2009

Winter's Covet

With Christmas only a couple weeks away, there's absolutely nothing criminal for me to ask for something I've been longing for quite some time, no? Well, these are examples of some that melt my heart just from the first moment I laid my eyes on.

Shoes are always on top of my holiday/christmas/birthday wish-list. This season, I found myself still drooling over these bad boys from past season's collections.

Balenciaga harness boots    


Chloe susan boots


Christian Louboutin cut-out boots

 or the thigh-high ones..

and last but not least, Jack Sparrow boots!

Yes, a pirate boot, I could just see the image of myself cruising malls in them with a turtleneck Zara long-sleeved dress, or maybe an AA cropped tee and my essential black skinny pants would also be appropriate.  I couldn't care less about the amount of stare I would be getting, because we all should dress however we want and put on whatever feels good on us right?
What's on your holiday wish-list?

1 comment:

  1. Definitely all of those shoes lol...
    and the crocodile stamped Doc Martens too! x


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