Monday, December 7, 2009

Muse of The Moment

Each week, I would like to share one person whose style/personality/work/attitude allures me. These people who I later on will feature differently each week will sure you find different in every aspects, including backgrounds, looks, occupations, and such. But that is one thing that intrigues me, being different. Why bother trying to match others in order to fit in when being different is much more amusing?

And the very first muse that holds the honor of being featured in this post goes to, Edita Vilkeviciute.




A Lithuanian model, known for her remarkably long legs and a body to die for, and being known in the industry as one of the sexy girls. Has been appeared in numerous editorial shoots and campaigns, a winning personality, plenty of friends, are only some things out of many being said about her strengths. Future seems to appear more than promising for this soon to turn 21 year-old.  

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  1. wah koleksi sepatunya bagus2 yahh.. berapa tuh harganya ?? @#@#$!#$???? .. mba ila koleksi sepatu cowoknya dong and parfumnya yahhh.. ditunggu looh.. *om toto*


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