Saturday, December 19, 2009

The City So Nice, They Named It Twice

Surprise, surprise! This have been going over and over on my mind for the last two days and finally, I've successfully digest the fact that I am, ladies and gentlemen, going to New York City tomorrow. Yes, The City.
I know this post is hardly unimportant nor instructive, but I just want to share this happy news.

There's absolutely nothing I would desire more in this lifetime than coming to NYC. I have been working my sweats off for college preparation in one of the colleges there, and for coming to the city itself for this holiday is just beyond. I literally feel like a kid whose lollipop got fractured and all of a sudden a stranger came and gave hi, a big fat check to purchase 10 candy stores. I truly feel blessed.

Sorry for all the baloney, I am just pure thrilled for tomorrow. Oh, I can already feel how the streets would make me feel brand new and the big lights would inspire me, there truly is no place in this world that can compare this excitement about coming to New York. The busy streets, yellow cabs, tall buildings, the museums, the people, are some of the things out of many to mention about what I've been perkily obsessing to encounter once I arrive over these past few days. Ahh, I can't wait! Will try to post pictures of the scene and what's going on if possible. 
Happy holidays everyone! 

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