Sunday, August 15, 2010


Did I ever tell you how much I love Terry Richardson's work? In the past years, I've struggled and found myself digging through a list of photographers' works. None of them truly knew how to make me feel, until one piece of photograph had my eye caught and romped in its wonder for a few seconds. And man, wasn't those the most exhilirating seconds in my life. And from there on I wondered, who is the man capable enough to create such thing? Who was responsible for that kind of inexplicable intoxication my eyes and mind have encountered and demand for more? And that was the day I carried myself and meet Terry Richardson.
From then on, our relationship has grown. His skills in photography and his works have brought something else, something different not just to the table, also to my mind, my flow of inspiration, and so on. Every frame is like a beacon of inspiration just shoving itself into you and erects your mind to that other level of ecstasy. Don't bother trying to introduce and convince me to see and indulge to other photographers' works, I could never bring myself around to the idea of loving another, I've found the one.

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