Saturday, February 13, 2010

Long Live The Individualists

Earlier today, my lunching ladies and I were talking about those usual things that revolve around our life when we came across the idea about the culture of how our country's teenagers (mostly girls) define style. As a tough disciple of dressing originally, I began to express my thoughts and feelings about how saddened I am due to the over ruling trendy stereotype in my home country.
I can't even begin to explain how I hate it when people are giving those low look on those non-lemmings who dress in their grandpa's sweatshirts or something that you can't find in some trendy fashion magazine, I clearly don't need to state a reason why here as I fully back up those people who are brave to put trends aside and dress liberally. I'm not saying that trends are thoroughly need to be avoided. Hey, what would the industry be without trends? 
All I'm saying is, trends are okay to follow but don't forget to also combine them with your own sense of quirkiness and make it "you". In that way, you can be seen stylish instead of fashionable. And it is okay to experience and try things that are not written in magazines, or that are not commonly can be found on the street,and not be a crowd pleaser who wants to see you dress the way they want. Because believe me, by putting on all those things trendy without your sense of originality is never pretty. We need to bring on back the individualisms.

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