Sunday, January 10, 2010

People Worth Worshiping

Here is a list of people whom I highly adore, from bloggers, designers, models, artists, and so on. For me, their contributions in what they do have the ability to bring my inspiration to a whole new level, and therefore they rock. Buckle up.

 Nicholas Kirkwood - Designer

Emily Eisen - Stylist

Marvin Scott Jarrett - Multitask-er

       Mary Kate Olsen - Multitask-er

 Peter Miszuk - Photographer

         Yves Saint Laurent - Fashion Legend

 Karla Deras - Blogger

 Dani Stahl - Style Editor at Nylon Magazine

Sienna Miller - Actress

Christian Louboutin - Shoe God

Alexander Wang- Designer

   Edie Sedgwick - True Icon

And the list goes on...

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